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Wusthof Classic 8-Piece Deluxe Walnut Knife Block Set

For a very long time, WÜSTHOF has made the world’s best blades, the champion devices seen in the possession of top gourmet experts in the widely acclaimed’s eateries. Today we need to praise the large number of home cooks who likewise depend on WÜSTHOF. For them, cooking is a demonstration of adoration, and WÜSTHOF makes their trials, their disclosures, and their unique minutes with loved ones potential.

Wusthof Classic 8-Piece Deluxe Walnut Knife Block Set – WÜSTHOF blades are top quality items that are fabricated with care down to the last detail. The blade arrangement varies in their handle plan and in this way fulfills singular needs regarding ergonomics and taste.

The WÜSTHOF Create Collection consolidates extraordinary fun and dangerously sharp usefulness. Our flexible apparatuses will assist you with getting those inventive energies pumping as your roused imaginativeness in the kitchen delightfully grandstands the delectable variety of new food. Your energy for setting up your #1 dishes will be apparent and your loved ones will anticipate appreciating them with you. With suffering sharpness and extraordinary unwavering quality – made altogether in Solingen, Germany. WÜSTHOF Create Collection – beautiful kitchen knife are basic gear for each kitchen: more honed for more and amazingly dependable. Delivered altogether in Solingen, Germany.

Our lightweight, ergonomic, and simple consideration passage level blades with their non-slip handles lie serenely in the hand and empower developments that are brimming with imaginative energy – additionally ideal for kids. Likewise, with every one of our blades, these WÜSTHOF treated steel edges draw on our long involvement with the ‘City of Blades’, Solingen, Germany, where our privately-run company has been based for more than 200 years.


Wusthof blades are especially sharp ordinarily and remain so for quite a while. In any case, on the off chance that you utilize your blades as often as possible, you will hone them now and again. We would be glad to show you how this functions here. Also, how to think about your blades, obviously – so you can appreciate them for quite a while.


In contrast to numerous different makers, in more than 200 years of history, they have not capitulated to the allurement of assembling in Asia or South America. What’s more, there is a straightforward purpose behind this: they esteem the legacy and character of the City of Blades, Solingen. They accept that quality blades must be made where high-exactness creation measures meet conventional craftsmanship: their Trident Works is simply such a spot.

It finds a way to turn a bit of Wusthof steel – an extraordinary combination of chrome, vanadium, molybdenum, and treated steel – into a quality blade. With regards to extremely weighty or nanometre-exact work, they utilize the most recent mechanical technology and lasers, however, they depend upon our 400 representatives when craftsmanship, a decent eye, instinct, and experience are required. Taken together this implies that their clients can be certain that each blade has gone through the hands of a prepared master.

Wusthof steel – the pith of sharpness

They utilize exceptional blade steel for creation: it is consumption safe, altogether diminishes wear because of its hardness, and is anything but difficult to resharpen. Their laser-helped honing measure likewise implies that the sharp edges offer great cutting execution as it so happens.

Their equation for ideal sharpness: X50 Cr MoV 15

X- Stainless steel, the fundamental material of our blades.

50- Carbon content. The 0.5% carbon content is significant for the hardness and subsequently for the sharpness of the blade.

Cr- Chrome .The extra combination guarantees an especially high imperviousness to rust in the completed cutting edges.

Mo- Molybdenum. An alloying component that expands the quality and consumption obstruction of our sharp edges.

V- Vanadium. Increases quality and strength to altogether diminish wear.

15- Chromium content. An measure of 15 %.

Their improvement office centers around new assembling measures just as on new materials. For instance, more than quite a long while of exploration work WÜSTHOF has built up a creative manufacturing measure which gives us a colossal mechanical bit of leeway. Likewise, on account of our laser-helped estimating and granulating measures, they have had the option to essentially improve the sharpness of our blades.

In any case, this doesn’t imply that innovation overwhelms their creation cycle. Despite what might be expected, for us, old-style craftsmanship and mechanization go connected at the hip. They are especially glad for the workmanship that normally couples with excellent assembling for our unmistakable blade arrangement.

Wusthof Pros

  • Maureen Tan – Cultural Ambassador
  • Dallas Green – Freestyling Virtuoso
  • Jens Harald Herzberg – Urban Artisan
  • Keith Green –Gentleman Gardner
  • Courtney Smith – Artistic Hostess

Product Details

Every cutlery piece in this attractive 8-Pc. Exemplary Deluxe Walnut Knife Set from Wusthof is produced from uncommonly tempered high-carbon steel and highlights an amazingly sharp and simple to keep up cutting edge mated to a work of art, triple-bolted dark handle.

  • Wusthof Classic 8-Piece Deluxe Walnut Knife Block Set incorporates German-made basic kitchen cutlery pieces intended to permit you to effectively handle any food prep cutting undertaking
  • Wonderful starter set for building your kitchen cutlery assortment
  • Blades are fashioned from one bit of uniquely tempered high-carbon steel to guarantee remarkable quality
  • Western-style blade configuration highlights laser-controlled and tried sharp edges
  • Triple-bolted end to end length manufactured handles are slip-safe and ergonomically intended for solace and convenience
  • Front line is sharpened utilizing Wusthof’s Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) to convey a durable incredibly sharp and simple to keep up bleeding edge
  • Genuine reinforce for equilibrium and wellbeing
  • Set incorporates the accompanying:
  • 35″ paring blade
  • 5″ empty edge Santoku blade
  • 6″ utility blade
  • 8″ bread blade
  • 8″ cook’s blade
  • 9″ sharpening steel
  • Fall to pieces kitchen shears
  • 17-slotwalnut blade block
  • Blade block accompanies rubber treated non-slip feet to keep it immovably set up and help shield ledges from scratches
  • Square estimates 105″ D x 45″ W x 85″ H Blades are rust and consumption safe
  • Uncommon alloyed steel wood and polyoxymethylene development
  • Hand wash
  • Lifetime maker’s guarantee
  • Imported

Product Features

Blade Material–              High Carbon Steel

Block Construction–     Wood

Set Size–                        8 piece set

Bolster–                         No Bolster

Sharpening Required– Yes

Style–                             Western style

Warranty–                      Lifetime warranty

Blade Construction–    Forged

Made In–                       Germany

Anatomy–                     Full tang, Bolster

Color –                           WALNUT

Product Type–             Knife Block Set

Product Description

The Classic cutlery line bears all the characteristics that Wüsthof blades are known for: flawless development, mind blowing sharpness, and enduring solidness. Every Classic blade is exactness manufactured – sharp edge, reinforce, and tang- – from a solitary bit of high-carbon, stain-safe steel. The sharp edge is tried by lasers and sharpened by hand, with PC controlled front-to-back tightening, crushing, and cleaning. An obvious end to end length – the edge’s pole runs the whole length of the handle- – guarantees fantastic equilibrium and quality.

Exemplary handles are formed from a strong dark engineered called Hostaform-C with conventional triple riveting. The blades guarantee a lifetime of persevering friendship in the kitchen. This Wüsthof Classic 8 piece block set is an incredible method to kick off your cutlery assortment or start redesiging your old arrangement of blades. Intended to meet the most famous cutting requests, the set incorporates a 8″ Cooks blade for hacking, and a 3-1/2-inch paring blade for coring, managing, and stripping, 5″ Boning Knife.

This sets likewise incorporates a 8″ bread blade, 8″ cutting blade, kitchen shears. Wusthof additionally incorporates 9-inch honing steel and an appealing oak block with a sum of 17 openings so you can add strength blades or your old top choices. Exemplary blades, however safe in the dishwasher, ought to be washed by hand for best outcomes.


Offering a high, modern quality at a truly incredible value you won’t be let down. On the off chance that if you are searching for a bigger assortment of blades, you need a minimal set that just oozes quality; the Wusthof should be at the head of your consideration!

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