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What to Know Before Buying a Water Cooler or Dispenser?

What to Know Before Buying a Water Cooler or Dispenser? Talking about home or kitchen appliances, there are a few which are necessities while others are luxuries. Anything that reduces our work load and makes our lives simple and sorted has become a necessity in today’s busy schedules. Nobody these days has time to wash clothes in those conventional washing machines and they have been replaced by the automatic units, people are too busy to re-heat the cooked food on gas stoves and thus microwaves have replaced this task of the gas stoves.

Would you prefer getting bath water heated on a gas stove or would you just switch the geyser on and let it do the job? Similarly, no one wants to wait for the water to cool (in the summer season) or get hot (in the winter season) to be able to drink it thus, water dispensers or water coolers are required and have even become a necessity. Is it worth buying a water cooler? Imagine having the best instant hot water dispenser at your work place or home in those chilly nights of the winter! 

Water dispensers come with various features. They can give you cold water, hot water, provide you with the filtered water, etc. Remember those hot sunny days of summer and the scorching heat? What else can be as good as having a best water dispenser at that time? How refreshing it would be!

Is Water Cooler and Water Dispenser the Same?

They are often miss-understood as being the same but actually they are not. So, before buying for yourself make sure that the product you are buying is actually what you need. While both water coolers and dispensers are dispensers, it is not mandatory for the dispensers to be water coolers as well.

When you go to the market, you will come across two types of water dispensers, one would be the electric one that would do the cooling and dispensing job both while other would be the non-electric one, that would not cool the water. Both of them usually have water bottles of two, four, or five gallons. You have an option to buy either pre-filled water bottle with treated and distilled water or you can also fill it up on your own with fresh drinking water.

Merits of a Water Cooler

There are different reasons for somebody to buy a water cooler. You may buy it out of necessity or you may buy it because you like to have a better taste when the water dispenses (in the case if your water supply has a lot of a chlorine content in it). There are also people who can buy it just to have cold water for drinking.

Whatever be the reason, these machines are super helpful in the summer season. Even kids enjoy having to drink something refreshing in those summer days when they are playing outside in the field. Also, it does not matter that you have a dispenser or a water cooler because even a dispenser (that does not have cooling properties) can give you cool drinking water or water with the coldness of room temperature.

Countertop or Freestanding Water Coolers or Dispensers. Which One to Buy?

When you go to the market, to buy a hot and cold water dispenser or a water cooler you will come across two types of models, the one being countertop and the other being a freestanding model or unit. For your information, the freestanding unit will be more expensive. Now, how to decide which one is suitable for you?

First of all you need to think where are you buying the machine for? Will you be keeping it in your kitchen, room, garden shed, or patio? Obviously, if you are buying it for your kitchen and if your kitchen is compact, the counter top unit would be a better option. Whichever model you buy, you will have to keep it on a solid platform with power plug available nearby because both the models are electrical units.

If you go for the countertop model that also would need to be kept on a table or platform but make sure that the table is not too high because it will add up with the height of your kitchen counter and then you might face problems in changing the water bottle and dispensing. In some countertop models, compressor is smaller as compared to the freestanding units, if that is the case with your unit also then, it might not give you the water as cold as a freestanding unit would give. 

What would be the Temperature of The Drinking Water?

There is no set water temperature as such either in water coolers or water dispensers. It depends upon the model you have or are going to buy. It varies from model to model. How much cold water the machine would give is largely dependent on the fact that what is the size of your unit and the type of compressor it has.

Different models have different technologies so when going for the top water dispenser, do check once that the features it has are the one’s you wanted or not, although it is seldom that these specifications would be mentioned. However, a water cooler having its storage area at the bottom and small countertop water dispensers, usually dispense water that is not much cold when compared with other models.

Health and Safety Features: Things You Should Consider Before Buying

Before buying any machine or an appliance for your home or office it is necessary for you to know that it would not have any adverse impact on your and your family’s health. So before buying a water cooler or dispenser also there are things that you should take under consideration. They are as follows:-

  • Whatever model you buy, it will have a nozzle to let the water out. Keep in mind that this nozzle is not difficult to clean.
  • You should go for a design that prevents any external contamination. So that you drink clean water.
  • The platform you keep it on and the base design of your unit both should be stable so that the unit does not topple easily.
  • It would be better if you have a model with child lock features. It shall ensure that the water does not spill.


Before buying, you should consider the space between the drip tray and water outlet. The best water dispenser brand would offer you a water dispenser that lets you fill tall glasses, water bottles, etc, easily and efficiently. Your dispenser’s nozzle should fit into the water bottle properly. You should go for models with hassle-free maintenance.

Usually water dispensers would not require any maintenance as such but you would have to clean them frequently so that the water you drink is not adulterated. If your model would have a removable drip tray, it will be more convenient for you to clean it. One last thing related to maintenance that you should ensure is that the quality of your water dispenser’s filter should be a good one. This will prevent you from having to change the filters again and again. 

How Much Power Do These Units Consume? 

The power consumption depends on the model. The larger is your unit, larger would be the power consumption. In general, dispensers require more power to keep the water cold. If you want to know how much cold the water will be, you should consider gaining knowledge about the compressor that your unit has, installed inside. If you live in an area that is hot, you should go for units that are large while if you live in colder areas where you do not need much cold water then, you should go for smaller units also, in such a case you may opt for the best instant hot water dispenser

If you are buying a hot and cold water dispenser that would serve both the purposes, keep this thing in mind that it would consume more power also as compared to the units that have single feature i.e. they are either meant for cooling or meant for giving you hot water. It is very important to check the unit’s water cooling and heating capabilities before buying because it will ensure that you are buying an efficient model.

Basic Features of a Water Dispenser or Cooler 

To have a faucet is a must for both water dispensers and coolers but if it has one more faucet for hot water it will be an icing on the cake. It can be used for making hot chocolate or a cup of tea. To have the hot water faucet is not necessary if you are not going to use it. Also, to save energy the hot water function at the back of the unit can be turned off. They usually have a stainless steel water reservoir, it helps in eliminating the taste of plastic from the water. In most of the units, hot water faucets do generally have a safety child lock.

Merits and Demerits of a Porcelain Water Dispenser

Porcelain water dispensers are few in numbers but they are very popular among consumers. They are durable and are made up of 100 percent vitrified porcelain. They are not electrically driven so there is no operating cost involved. They have a single faucet and usually give cold water at room temperature. They are available in both forms i.e. as countertop as well as freestanding units. They have a standard accommodation. Generally, they have a wooden platform or rack on which they stand.


While buying a model for yourself do not be in a hurry and consider all the relevant points before buying. Also, keep in mind that everyone has different needs so, buy for yourself as per your own convenience, needs, requirements, and usage.

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