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What Goes Wrong When Using Your Air Fryer

What Goes Wrong When Using Your Air Fryer – Committing mistakes is normal. After all, we are humans. Throughout our lives, there are many instances where we went wrong, committed mistakes, or took wrong decisions. Is it abnormal to commit mistakes? No, but what we do need to understand is, after committing mistakes. we are not supposed to repeat them in the future, as it is said- “Mistakes are our teachers, they help us to learn”.

So, if in the process of learning anything and trying to do something new, if you commit mistakes, it is forgivable after all, you come out as an experienced person thereafter. Remember your car driving lessons? How you used to accelerate accidentally when it was the brake that had to be used. What happened after that? Do you still repeat the same mistake? If no, then you have learned from your mistakes, and this is important. 

It is not necessary to commit mistakes when doing big things, you can do them in your day to day activities as well. For example, going wrong in using a washing machine, not being able to cook the food properly, etc. Here, in this article, you will get to know where and how you are going wrong in using your air fryer.

Also, you will get to know what you can do to avoid those mistakes. When you look at a banner saying best rated air fryer, and you go to buy them, make sure that you know how the appliance is used. So, you may commit no mistakes in using it. Even if you do not know its proper usage at that moment, help yourself with various articles on-line and of course, you get a user manual with almost every appliance that you buy from the market, make it a habit to read them thoroughly so that you get a better hang of the appliance and its usage. 

Mistakes While Using Your Air Fryer

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What happens if you don’t Preheat Air Fryer

You often forget about the temperature dial given on your air fryer. They are there to adjust the temperature of the air fryer accordingly so, do not forget to make use of them. You should at least pre-heat the air fryer for about 3-4 minutes before beginning with the cooking process. Preheating helps in getting browner and crisper results for your dishes and meals. This is because the correct temperature is necessary to let the hot air circulate properly through the food, giving it room to breathe and cook evenly.

If you ask, “what is the right temperature?” the answer is, it depends on the recipe you are cooking. Usually, a temperature between 325 degrees Fahrenheit and 400 degrees Fahrenheit should be right. When you pre-heat your large air fryers, because of it the surface of the air fryer basket heats up well and this helps you get an evenly cooked food. If you just toss the food, you might not get even cooking results but if you pre-heat the air fryer basket and then add food to it, you are sure to get optimum results out of your cooking.

When you Dont Know What to Cook?

Often it happens that people are not aware of the fact that their appliance i.e. their air fryers are very versatile. If you are one of those people then, read it carefully. There are a lot of dishes that you can use in your air fryer toaster ovens for. Do not just limit yourself to using your air fryer only for making fried chicken. Explore the wide range of dishes that you can cook in there. You may go for fried veggie dishes that are full of nutrients, you can use the air fryer for baking purposes, you can try making fishes in it, crispy potato finger chips, you can use it for stuffed peppers, asparagus, sweet potato hash, and whatnot. 

There is not much difference between air fryers and countertop convection ovens, it is only their technology that is different. So, for almost almost everything that you use your oven for, you can use your air fryer as well. In fact, an air fryer would cook it faster than an oven would do. So, the next time you look for the best air fryer to buy, acquaint yourself with the varieties of dishes that you can cook in this amazing appliance. 

How do you Reheat Frozen Meals?

Knowing the best that you can make out of your appliance is important. If you are only using your air fryer to cook foods that are already fried, your air fryer is not getting utilized optimally. Foods such as bagged frozen French fries, fish sticks, and chicken fingers are the ones that are already fried. If you cook them in an air fryer further, they will get crisper than required.

Can you Air Fry Multiple Things at Once?

An air fryer is a compact appliance and because of its this feature it helps in retaining the heat for long, ending up giving browner and crisper results. But because they are compact, you are not supposed to overcrowd their basket. In an air fryer, you should cut small pieces of foods with large chunk such as chicken. When you overcrowd the basket, you snatch away the opportunity for the food inside to breathe and cook evenly.

Imagine eating an unevenly cooked meal. What a disaster it would be! You will end up ruining your meal and mood as well. In the case of an air fryer, you are required to frequently toss the food, if you find this frustrating then your air fryer needs to be upgraded. Try for a better version or model when looking for the best air fryer to buy. For example, you may go for an XL model, with it you will be able to cook for four people in a single round while if you go for the XXL model, you will be able to serve for six people. 

Tip: When upgrading you air fryer model, make sure you have enough counter space in your kitchen to accommodate such a big machine.  

What happens if you Use the Wrong Amount of Oil?

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An air fryer can work with no oil and little oil as well. It is for you to know which dish or recipe requires what amount of oil. Usually 1-2 tablespoon of oil is enough for cooking in an air fryer but this can vary with the dish. Chicken fingers and fish sticks might require 1-2 tablespoon oil while for the other recipes you can just brush them with oil. You need to be balanced when using oil, using no oil might not give you the desired result, and using too much oil might lead to the oil dripping and hitting the bottom tray, if this happens the excess oil will burn and you will see smoke coming out. 

Purchasing the Appliance with no planning

If you are among those people who type the best buy air fryers on sale, choose one from the on-line booking sites, pay and get delivered the product then, you are committing a mistake. This is because you need to know the right size of an air fryer according to your counter space in the kitchen. You would not be able to enjoy if you get a wrong sized appliance for yourself and are compelled to keep it in some closet of your storeroom. So, remember that air fryers come in various sizes and you should know the right size for your kitchen before purchasing it.

Are you Cooking Fatty Foods without Water?

This is common among various other mistakes. Foods like burgers or bacons need some water to be filled under the basket when cooking. This helps in preventing the drippings of grease from smoking. 

Touching the Unit with Bare Hands

People do commit this mistake quite often. When using an air fryer, you should be aware of the fact that it gets heated up very quickly and remains hot for a long. This is not only on the inside but also outside. The unit’s outer surface too gets hot and you should not touch it with bare hands after cooking is done. You may use microwave mittens for holding the unit from the outside and for the inside, it is advisable to use a pair of kitchen tongs to take out the food.

Do Not Cleaning them Frequently

This is where you go wrong. Cleaning any appliance is necessary to increase its life. Similarly, in the case of an air fryer, you need to keep it clean. It is advisable to clean your air fryers after every use with a mild soap so that you do not ruin its coating. Not all air fryers are dishwasher safe. You need to know which model you have and does it allow for dishwashing or not. The better your model is, the better features you will get.


Above are a few mistakes that people often commit when using their air fryers. Now, after reading this article you might not commit these mistakes. These are not the only mistakes you commit while using your air fryer, there are other mistakes too. To avoid mistakes, the best you can do is, read the manufacturer’s manual properly and thoroughly. This will give you a clear idea of how you are supposed to use the appliance. 

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