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What are the Best kitchen knife Set

You should have good quality sharp kitchen knives for enjoyable and comfortable cooking preparation. Every knife has its own design and uses. For a home cook you just need some particular knives that are actually necessary for you. So, what are they? Go through this article and everything will be clear to you. Here we will discuss the basic needs of your kitchen knives and how to take care of them.

Knives that Every Cook Needs

what are the best kitchen knife set

A chef’s knife: It’s a multi-purpose knife. If you want to have only one knife in your kitchen, you certainly go for a best chef’s knives.  It has many function like from cutting meat to dicing vegetables. Actually it can handle cutting, chopping, slicing, mincing, dicing and many more things very easily.  For home cooks 8-inches blade is the normal size. Its slight curve of the blade allows the continuous flow for easy chopping. 

Santoku knife : This knife is Japanese style knife. It is also a multitasker. It can help you to chop Vegetables, slice fish and other general cutting tasks too. It’s shorter than the chef’s like five to seven inch long. It’s very lightweight. So you can handle it easily. As it’s a Japanese style knife, the chopping method is something different from the western style chopping methods. So, if you’re comfortable using Western style knives, no problem, just know how to use it.

A paring knife: You can think a paring knife as a little sibling of the chef’s knife. It is used for trimming and cutting smaller pieces of food. It’s not good for chopping or mincing the larger items but it’s perfect for the smaller item like garlic or shallots. It’s good for peeling fruits and vegetables too. It generally carries a 3-4 inches blade and this blade is thin and light for the fine work like peeling and shaping vegetables. 

Utility Blade: It is a multi-purpose performer to handle smaller pieces. Actually in your kitchen this knife is intermediate in size between the chef’s knife and paring knife. It has a thicker knife blade that makes easier the efforts for the tough cutting tasks. It’s great for cutting through mid sized fruits, vegetables, meats and cheese too. You can easily slice Tomatoes and bread items easily using it.

Boning knife: This kind of knife actually helps the non-vegetarian. They use it to remove meat from the chicken, ham, etc. It is generally very thin, 6 inches long and it has a very sharp point. You can choose a straight blade or a curved one. If you’re a mad non-vegetarian, you must go for a boning knife. Its thin and curved blade will help you slice closer to the bones and cleanly separate the meat without losing too much of the flesh.

Bread Knife:  Bread knife seems like longer version of a serrated knife. It is used to cut bread, cakes, and squish fruits and Tomato. If you’re a cake lover, a bread knife will be perfect for you. It’s great to leveling the cakes as it has a long blade and that can slice through an entire layer in just one pass.

Steak Knives: Regardless of whether you’re hosting a supper gathering, sitting with the family, or simply appreciating a quality bit of sirloin to yourself – a top-rated steak knife is an absolute necessity! We’ll be checking on blades with miniature serrated edges, unfathomable tempered steel completions and quality assembled handles that will take your steak-eating experience to the following level! Below here we have listed down best steak knives for you to choose on from

Tips to Take Care of Your knives

So, if you have the best kitchen knives sets but you don’t know how to take care of them, it’ll be completely messed up for you. So don’t be late to know the methods of taking care of your knives.

  • Keep them Clean and Dry : Do not just keep your knives after using it. Take a proper care of it and it will give you a proper longevity. So, what you have to do is that always hand wash your knives after using it with warm and soapy water using your hand or a soft sponge. Do not use any colored or abrasive sponge, it can scratch the metal.
  • Keep them out of the Dishwasher: Never use the dishwasher to wash your knives. Always hand wash them. Dishwasher is very harsh  your knives can get scratched. And if you use any chemicals or detergent the blade can be discolored. Remember high temperature can destroy the steel quality of your knives.
  • Keep them Out of the Sink: Do not leave your kitchen knives in the sink. You can forget about this and grab the sharp blade. It can cause injury to you. So, always make sure to hand wash your knives and dry them after each use. Don’t keep in the sink, even this is empty. The sink can damage the knife blade.
  • Keep them out of the Drawer: If you have any knife block or magnetic wall storage, don’t forget to use it. Remember, a proper storing of your knives can extend their lasting period. Storing them in drawer can be dangerous for you and the blade as well. So, if you don’t have any other options except the drawer, then buy some knife covers and use it.
  • Keep them on the Right Cutting Board: A poor quality cutting board can dull your knife blade. Choose a right one. Get the cutting board made of wood, plastic or bamboo. Never go for granite, marble, glass or steel. These are harmful for you knives as these are very hard.
  • Keep them Sharp : The most frequently used tools in your kitchen are the most dangerous. And these are your kitchen knives. So don’t avoid the situation when you’re noticing that your knives are getting dull. Go for right methods to sharpen them using a whetstone or a honing steel. But must go for the sharpening. You don’t sharpen your knife for everyday. Do it only when you need. It will be effective and efficient for you.

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