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The Ins and Outs of a Portable Ice Maker

The Ins and Outs of a Portable Ice Maker – Many people are fond of summers and they eagerly wait for the season to come so that they can enjoy ice-cold beverages and throw parties at their place. The cravings are way easier than it is to get these beverages. Back in the nineteenth centuries, one had to harvest the ice directly from the frigid lakes. Then, came the twentieth century and we got freezers for our home. This made it easier to make ice at home. However, the inventions did not stop there and now the science has made it possible to make ice anywhere we want. Obviously, the credit goes to the handy appliances known as the best ice makers. There are various models available in the market that are portable and provide you with the convenience of making ice just at your home without even occupying much of your kitchen counter space. 

The Working of a Portable Ice Maker

Below we are providing you with the brief information regarding how actually this appliance works. You shall be taken through the ins and outs of the best portable ice maker available in the market. 

You must have experienced the working of a home freezer therefore it will not be very difficult for you to understand the inner working of this appliance. An advantage of portable ice makers is that they do not need much input to use. The work this appliance requires you to do is, refilling the water tank, emptying the bucket, and running the cleaning cycle occasionally. 

In a portable ice maker, water gets pumped into the container from a reservoir. Inside this container there are several freezing-cold metal prongs that help in turning the water into the solid ice form. These prongs are full of refrigerant. If you are wondering what a refrigerant is then, let us tell you that it is the same substance that air-conditioners and refrigerators use to cool the surrounding air. Once, the water gets frozen solid, there is a component inside the unit known as heat exchanger which helps in reversing the prongs from cool to warm. This function of the heat exchanger makes the ice cubes drop into the ice bucket.  

There are various models with advanced features wherein they provide an alarm that sounds to indicate that the bucket is full and the ice is ready to be used. Such a feature might be present in the best ice makers when you visit the market to buy them. One such model is the Danby 2 lb Portable Ice Maker. 

Places Where the Appliance Could be Used

A portable ice maker can be used anywhere, the only thing is that you should have a power connection because this is an electrical appliance that needs to be plugged into a power socket. Mostly people prefer to keep a portable ice maker on their kitchen countertops or basement bar-tops. The reason people prefer to keep this appliance in such places because they provide easy access to ice during parties and summer BBQs. The best portable ice maker is also a very good option for using in camping trailers or RVs that have limited fridge space. We say so because if you have this appliance then, most of the beverages would be kept outside in a cooler thus, occupying less space. 

You will be amazed to know the variety of places where you can use a portable ice maker. It can be used in food trucks, boats, and event spaces such as rec centers. The only place where these appliances can not be used is, outdoors with no electricity connection. 

Would You Need a Water Line Hook-Up for This Appliance? 

Well, no! The appliance does not need to be hooked-up to a water line because it is portable. If it had to be then, how would it remain portable? So, you are free to fill the water reservoir from any portable water source such as a faucet, bucket, jug, etc.

How Much Ice Is the Appliance Capable of Making?

It depends on the model of the best portable ice maker that you have. As far as Danby 2 lb Portable Ice Maker is concerned, it is capable of making 12 kilograms of ice in just one slot and up to 25 kilograms in a day. This means it can produce up to a pound of ice per hour. 

How Long Shall the Ice Produced be Cold?

To be honest your portable ice maker is not capable of keeping the ice produced cold for a long time but you have a compact freezer, they are. The ice that melts in a portable ice maker, flows back into the water reservoir. This means that you are free from worrying about any kind of water spills from the unit. 

The Cleaning Process

It is always advisable to go with the cleaning procedure mentioned in the user manual along with the unit as it may differ from model to model. However, we are giving you a general cleaning instruction below:

  • Cleaning on the inside of the unit For example, if you are going by the Danby’s Portable Ice Maker then, it is self-cleaning. However, to a run a cleaning cycle what you need to do is, first fill the reservoir with equal parts of water and white vinegar. Now, hold the on/off button for about five seconds. When the cycle gets over and your unit comes back to the standby mode then, drain the reservoir and run another cleaning cycle. Make sure that during the time of second cycle you use fresh water to rinse the unit thoroughly.
  • Getting the ice bucket and water tank cleaned To do this, first remove the plug from the power socket. Then, remove the drainage cap and drain the tank. Take a clean cloth and with it, wipe the inside of the unit. Use warm water for wiping. Keep flushing with fresh water until you see that the water is clear. 
  • Cleaning the outside of the unit You would need a soapy cloth to wipe the outer case but make sure to dry it thoroughly later. 
  • The control panel and the door To clean these surfaces, you would have to wipe them off with a damp cloth. But do not use soap. 

Why the Unit Isn’t Getting Cold?

  • The heat output could be blocked with dust or there could be something obstructing it. You would have to clean the air inlet and outlet. Also, make sure that there is at least 20 centimeters space between the air inlet or outlet and any other walls.
  • The temperature inside the water reservoir could be too high. You should always fill the reservoir with water that is colder or is at room temperature.
  • There is also a possibility that the room in which the appliance has been kept is warm. You may try taking it to a different location in such a case. 

Tip: Avoid placing the appliance in direct sunlight.

  • Also, there could be a refrigerant leak on the inside of the appliance. We are afraid to inform you that if this is the case then, you can not do anything on your own to fix. You would definitely need a professional’s help. 

Why You Should Consider Investing in the Appliance?

Belonging to a middle-class family, it is obvious that we do not have enough space in our dwelling places. However, we somehow try to fit everything possible and essential in the limited space available. The very important part of our home is – our kitchen. Do we have extra space to fit another appliance in it? If yes then, you are lucky. But what if not? This forms the basis of investing in the best ice makers or rather to be more specific, investing in portable ice makers. A few more reasons to give your idea of buying the appliance, a boost are mentioned below:

  • If in case you plan to go for camping in summer season then, bags of ice shall be readily available with you. 
  • Your freezer might be packed up and you might not have enough space for the best ice cube trays you have to keep inside. What to do? Make use of the portable ice maker kept on your kitchen countertop.
  • You have your gang coming to the BBQ arranged at your place on fine summer night. What else do you need? A portable ice maker!
  • You can serve your favorite beverage on the rocks. 

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