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Points to Consider While Choosing a Kitchen Knife Set

  • Chef’s knife, paring knife and serrated knife are the basic essential for the most food cutting.
  • The shape and the material construction are the most important things to be considered.
  • There are two categories of kitchen knife set like Western and Japanese design.

Points to Consider While Choosing a Kitchen Knife Set – No matter if you are a professional cook or not, you have to have a professional kitchen knife set for your enjoyable, comfortable and safe cooking. Your kitchen requires a right knife set when you are going to cut vegetables, chicken, fish or anything else for your daily cooking preparation. You must understand how crucial is a good knife set for any home cook. You don’t have to panic or get a headache when you’re thinking to prepare your dish. So, you should have the best kitchen knife set in your hand for easy cooking and to make your kitchen look perfect.

But, if you want a perfect knife set, you have to consider some things. These are:

  • What do you want, Western design or Japanese design?
  • Do you want your knife set made of stainless steel or ceramic?
  • Do you have any need of kitchen shears or not?

If you have all the answers, you can go for buying your knife set.

We are going to cover some more important features to consider to buy a knife set that suits you perfectly. But when you are going to buy, don’t forget to go through the kitchen knife set reviews.

Features of a Perfect Knife Set

You don’t need to understand or analyse too many things because a knife has just two parts and these are all for the cutting tasks. So, make sure these parts are good enough and well-made too. Two more considerable things are the shape and the material of the knife. These features will tell you about the weight, strength, length, sharpness and the longevity of your knife. Sharp. Also, don’t expect that serrated cutting edges imply that the Steak knife are more honed. Now, we will talk about these two features here in this article.


The shape of a knife means its blade’s shape. Actually, the blades of knives can be of two categories. The first one is Western and the second one is the Japanese.

Western-shaped knives are so called German knives and sometimes European knives. The cutting edge of the blade are curved. It’s very good for cutting and mincing too. The special feature of this kind of blade is that the edge is usually double-bevel. It means that the both sides are sharpened at an 20-22 angles. As the western knives are easy to chop through the denser ingredients, they generally are heavier and thicker. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star 3pc Knife Set are the most popular brand for the western style knives.

A Japanese knife has a straighter cutting edge than a Western one. So, these are for easy chopping and cutting. Its blade is single bevel at an angle of 12-15 degrees. You will feel comfortable to hold it in your hand as it is slim and lightweight. Shun and MAC are very well-known brands that offers Japanese style knives.

Now, you can see some other innovative brands that can provide you the best of the both design with their own style. You can get the functional curve of the western design and the lighter, sharper blade of the Japanese style.


The material of a steak knife can decide how long they will last and serve you. So, you have to go through the material details of the knife before your purchase. The brands usually use the natural material like metal or clay that are designed and engineered to increase their longevity.

Stainless steel is very popular blade material of a knife. It’s basically an iron alloy with minimum 10.5% chromium. These are highly resistant for the rust and corrosion and durable for the long time.

To increase the strength, edge retention a small amount of carbon is added to the stainless steel. This material is known as high carbon stainless steel. It should be hand-washed and dried immediately.

There is another kind of material i.e. ceramic. It is made of clay so its sharpness lasts for longer that the others. But you have to remember if you can not handle it properly, it can be shattered. And if you need them to be sharpened, you have to go to a professional sharpener as it requires some special tools to be sharpened. The knife handles can be made of wood, metal, plastic or polypropylene. You can choose anything that you are comfortable at.

The Essentials

Now, you can get too many kinds of knives in a set. But you don’t have need to use them all regularly. So, have a look on the essentials and keep the rets aside that you barely use.

1. Chef’s Knife

If you don’t have any other knife in your kitchen but you have to prepare your meal immediately, a Chef’s knives can comfort you. It is perfect for the maximum cutting need. It has a pointy tip. Its blade length is 8-10 inch approx.

2. Paring Knife

Paring knife is a little version of a chef’s knife. The blade is approx. 2.5-4 inch long. You will feel comfortable to hold it in your hand. If you cannot manage everything with the chef’s knife because of its largeness, then a paring knife will be perfect for you.

3. Serrated Knife 

You cannot use it as the chef’s knife or the paring one. But you can do many more things than slicing the bread. You can use it for the tomatoes, peaches and the frosted cake too. The length of this knife usually can be 6-10 inch.

Whatever design, material or shape you can choose, keep focusing on the professional results. A professional knife set really means a lot. But remember, when looking for your knife set, don’t forget to take the essentials.

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