How to Measure your Kitchen for a New Dishwasher?
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How to Measure your Kitchen for a New Dishwasher?

How to Measure your Kitchen for a New Dishwasher – Are you planning to bring home any appliance? Did you measure the space required for that appliance? If not, then please do because if you do not then, you might end up bringing the size of the appliance which does not fit in properly in the available space. However, here we are only concerned with measuring your kitchen for a new dishwasher. So let us understand how you may carry out the measurement process.

Although measurement is important it would be better to search for the best dishwashers to buy and that you can easily do online. Along with that go through the specifications of the model as well it will help you to decide which dishwasher would suit your kitchen as far as its size and other features are concerned. Also when measuring, it is advisable to do it more than once to be sure that the dishwasher model which you are about to buy is the best for your kitchen.

A small Tip– The thought of taking out your existing dishwasher and installing the new way without measuring may cross your mind and it is possible also but remember it is always better to measure the space before you buy the new dishwasher or any other appliance to have a hassle-free buying and installation.

Specifications and Dimensions – Often you would find that dishwashers are mostly of the same dimensions and specifications but not always. The width of most dishwashers is 24 inches but it may vary between 18 to 42 inches as well while the height and depth may vary between 32 to 36.5 inches and 22 to 25 inches respectively. It might happen that you decide to renovate your kitchen floor or counter a little by adding tiles or removing tiles from it then it would definitely affect the measurements.

 Also if the renovation involves the construction of new cabinets then you would have to have an idea of how much space is available to you to install your dishwasher. After the construction of cabinets if at any point in time you feel that the space for installing the dishwasher is enough then you may go for a portable dishwasher. So measuring the space where you wish to install the dishwasher would be a good move when looking for the best dishwashers on the market.

Measurement Tools

Measure your Kitchen for a New Dishwasher
  • A measuring tape– You would need a measurement tape also known as contractor’s tape. The measurements from it are more specific and you can be more sure about the exact space available to you.
  • A Notebook– This would be needed to write down what you have just measured because if you do not do this you might forget and end up bringing a wrong sized dishwasher for your kitchen, all your efforts of finding the best place to buy a dishwasher, searching for the best brand of dishwasher, looking for best deals on dishwashers, etc going in vain.

Steps to Measure for your new Dishwasher

When you Already have an old Dishwasher Installed

  • The height of your dishwasher opening could be measured by putting one end of your measuring tape on the floor and then stretching it up vertically to your kitchen counter’s bottom. Do this on both the left and right sides. It would probably be the same measurement on the left and right but it may differ depending upon the construction of your kitchen. So if you measure both sides it will give you a better idea regarding what kind of dishwasher you need.
  • For measuring the width you need to put one end of your tape on one side of your kitchen counter where the rough opening begins and stretch it horizontally to the other end of your kitchen counter where the rough opening ends. You may do it from left to right or vice versa it would not make any difference but do measure it both on top and bottom just to be sure that the measurements have not changed.
  • For measuring the depth of your dishwasher opening you can measure the distance between the back part of your kitchen counter from the wall and the front part till its edge.

Steps to Measure for your New Dishwasher

When you do not have a dishwasher Installed Already

  • For measuring the width, place your measuring tape at the left edge of your cabinet opening and stretch it across to the right edge of your cabinet opening. Repeat it for the bottom and middle so that you are aware of the exact measurements.
  • For measuring the height, place one end of your tape on the floor stretching it across the vertical distance between the floor and space below your kitchen counter. This needs to be done for both left and right sides. Also if you measure the middle vertical distance you would be more exact with your measurements.
  • For measuring the depth you need four measurements. Put one end of the tape on the backside of the wall on the right-hand side floor and pull it towards you out till the cabinet opening. Do it for the bottom left, top right, and top left to get the exact depth measurements for your new dishwasher.
  • The smallest measurement should be chosen by you so that the new dishwasher you bring in fits exactly your cabinet opening.

Note – Keep noting down the measurements simultaneously so that you do not get confused when coming across the best dishwashers in the market.

Dishwasher Layout

When you search for top-rated dishwashers , in their specifications, you might find the layout of a particular dishwasher and you may choose the layout which you prefer. At that point in time you would need to know that can the layout of your dishwasher affect its fitting in as per your measurements. To understand that you should know whether you need a front or a top control layout of your dishwasher. 

A front control one, lets you see and select the working while in the case of a top control layout the controls are all hidden for a better and improved shape look. Although the exterior dimensions of your dishwasher seldom have any impact on their interior working, capacity, or efficiency still you should decide about your dishwasher’s interiors as well. For instance, among the best dishwashers in the market, you would find many with two racks but if you go for a third rack one then you can have extra space to fit items which are, hard to fit.


It is very easy to measure for a dishwasher, you just have to be attentive and precise while measuring. Also do keep noting the measurements for width, height, and depth for a hassle-free purchase. Having done that right and accurately once your dishwasher gets installed you will be happy to see and experience that, how much of your time it saves. The same amount of time you can use doing other household chores. Happy dish-washing.

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