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Learn How to Enjoy Grilling Scallops

You have the best gas grill in your kitchen and you don’t know how to grill scallops. Then you are not done. You have to know and impress your guest by serving them a flavorful grilled scallops. 

Let’s gather some knowledge. 

What temperature should you cook scallops?

Common Problems of Grilling Scallops

You must want the nice crisp for the exterior of your scallops and juicy for the interior. But when you are going to do it, you become messed up. Right? It happens. Don’t worry. I’m telling you that if you don’t have the vast experience in grilling scallops, you may face some problems in reality. The way you think to grill the scallops, you cannot make it. Because when you want the nice crispy sear on the outside, the inside of the scallops are getting chewed and overcooked. And one other issue you may face is that when you are trying to flip them it just sticking or twirling around. So what to do now?

Solving problems

1. Getting Rid of Overcooking: You need a very high heat. It is like 600 degrees. You can concentrate the fuel to generate the intense heat. Use a throwaway aluminum pan to place the coals into. It will definitely deliver the high levels of heat to the focused area on the cooking surface of the grill.

2. Getting Rid of Flipping and Sticking : If you want to flip the scallops without sticking to the grill, you have to coat the scallops. You can oil the grates too. For the coating of the scallops, use a mixture of flours, cornstarch and cooking oil and sugar. This will help the scallops to keep their natural flavor. 

3. Choosing scallops for the best grilling: Buy a natural dry scallops. If you use the wet scallops, it will be just waste of the time because wet scallops pumped and unnecessary liquid. Why will pay for the additional weight that cannot give you comfort? These are very difficult to manage in high heat and it will stich while flipping. So just go for natural dry scallops and get rid of all the problems.  Now, have a look on the easiest way of grilling scallops. It is very easy and quick too. It will take only five minutes from you. Generate high heat on the grill. Put the scallop skewers on the hot grill and let them cooked undisturbed for two to three minutes per side. If it seems that they are stuck, wait and let them cook for one minute more.

Gradually it will be ready and grill mark will formed. Now, you can easily release them from the grates. 

Flavoring and Serving Grilled Scallops

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1. Prepare the Grill and Skewer

The best, easiest way to flavor grilled scallops is with sauce directly made on the grill. If you are using a wooden skewers, soak 4 in water for 1 hour. And if you are using a charcoal grill, put coals. And if you are using gas grill, heat one half of the grill to medium heat and the other to medium.

2. Make the Brown Butter

You can place a small saucepan on the medium heat zone. Add butter and let it cook until it gets golden brown and nutty smelling. Now just remove it from the grill, add a grated garlic clove and squeeze of lemon juice. Keep it aside and concentrate on cooking scallops.

3. Prepare the Scallops

Gently, peel off the side muscle from one pound scallops if they are attached. And if not, you already are one step ahead. Pat the scallops dry with paper towels. Thread the scallops onto 4 skewers and refrigerate.

4. Grill the Scallops

Rub the grill grates on a medium heat zone with a paper towel dipped in vegetable oil. Season the scallops with salt and lightly brush with vegetable oil. Place the skewers on the grill grates. Keep them undisturbed for 2-3 minutes. When you will see the grill marks on the scallops, flip it and do the same. 

5. Serve

Once the scallops are ready, serve them on the skewers. Now, drizzle with the reserved garlic browned butter and serve it. If you want to impress someone, think that you are done.   

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