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Learn How to Clean Up Your Barbeque Grills

We get too engrossed in eating the smokey grilled meat that we tend to forget all the grease that has junked Clean up your barbeque grills. Also, some people act too lazy to do the cleaning after eating, but it is always advisable to clean the grill or grate on the same day.

Avoid keeping it like that with the plan of future cleaning because we all know we will forget about it. Keeping the grill covered with all the grease and food particles will only make them hard on it, and then we will have a hard time cleaning it up.

Learn How to Clean Up Your Barbeque Grills

There are many methods one can use to clean up their BBQ grills and grates. You only have to select the one which you think will be the simplest and trouble-free for you to follow.

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  • Scrape off the junked-up mess with a brush. It is better to do it when it’s still hot or warm because once cooled down the junk will harden on the surface. You can use a wet brush to clean as it will help in scraping the grease effortlessly. Srub the grill from both sides, and don’t forget about the edges too.
  • Burn the leftover grease by using a high heat option and then toss it in a self-cleaning machine. Or, you could put a sheet of aluminum foil on top of the grate and close the lid to heat it up for 10-15 minutes, this should turn all the junk into a white powder, and then you just need to wipe it off.
  • For the hygiene freaks, you could soak your BBQ grate in water with dish soap and some baking soda in it. Let it in the solution for a while and then scrape it with a sponge or a brush.
Learn How to Clean Up Your Barbeque Grills

These were the most standard methods that one always uses. Now let us move on to some new ways of removing those scrapes off. We are sharing some do-it-yourself techniques to clean these grills.

  • Make vinegar and water solution, keeping the ratio of 60:40 of vinegar to the water. Use a spray bottle for this and spray all over the grate and leave for a few minutes to allow the solution act. Then you could rub it with a brush or with an aluminum foil mold.
  • Who could have thought that coffee too could be useful in removing those greasy junks from grills? Yes, they are effective in removing them, the hard or stronger the coffee the better. Just brew some coffee that is available at home and pour it over the dirty grill and let it soak for a few hours and later could scrape it with a cleaning sponge.

Did you know there are various products available in the market that offers a solution to this problem? We will list a few products that could be useful to you

  • A product by Kelfuoya has two grill bricks and two pumice stones. This is a cool idea to clean your super messy grills, the stones provide the perfect coarseness that helps in removing even strong greases and oil build-up.
  • The ultimate grill-scraper by BCHOICE Scraper is the finest product available. It comes with five rounded notches and five V-notches. These scrapers can be used on every grill despite their brand or size.
  • Citrusafe grill cleaning spray uses lemon citrus as an active agent to degrease everything from the grill. It is completely safe to be used on cooking materials and gives a lemony smell after using it. After spraying the grill with it use a scrub or tissues to wipe away the collected food dirt and one will be surprised by the results as this spray is that effective.

There are various methods to learn how to clean your grills after using them, so select one which you like and get in the habit of cleaning them whenever they are used. We all know that being unhygienic can cause a lot and can cost a lot too so better to be safe by with  you will get the worth of everything.

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