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How to Use a Meat Grinder?

How to Use a Meat Grinder? Whether in your burger or in your pasta, everyone loves their meat freshly ground at home. With the rise of additives in market bought ground meat people are shifting to buying a meat grinder and grinding their own meat at home.

Why You Need to Own a Meat Grinder?

  • Taste: Grinding your meat at home gives you the option to make it the way you like it. You can add the flavours according to your taste and liking. Everyone enjoys customized food items and a having a meat grinder helps you do that. Along with the spices, grinding meat at home also gives you a way to control the texture of your meat. Even a best meat grinder for home use comes with multiple options to adjust the texture of your meat, so you get to decide if you want your meat finely ground or coarsely.
  • Seasoning Your Meat: As shocking as it might sound, the reality is that meat tastes a lot better when seasoned prior grinding. A lot of us believe that the meat tastes best when the spices are added during the grinding process, but the best way to make your meat taste amazing is to rub it with spices about 30-45 minutes before you grind it. This way, the spices get through the layers of the meat making it extremely flavorful.
  • Prepping Your Meat: Once you are done rubbing your spices on the meat it’s time to chop up your meat into thin slices of about 5cm wide. The grinder, works much more efficiently when the meat pieces are small and easy to grind. Putting larger chunks of meat could possibly increase the heat in the grinder and further lead to clogging of the grinder parts. To avoid all of this malfunctioning make sure you slice up your meat prior grinding.
  • Cool Your Meat and The Grinder : Once you have your meat all prepped up, the next thing to do is to cool your meat along withal the detachable components of your grinder. This is a very important process in order to grind your meat. When the meat is being ground, if the temperature is high the oils and fats in the meat starts to separate causing the meat to becoming mushy and staining your grinder. All you have to do is to put all the parts of your grinder and the cut, seasoned meat in the refrigerator for about 30minutes before you start grinding. Meat grinders work best with cold meat, not frozen but cold so make sure you don’t freeze your meat.
  • The Process of Grinding: You go through all these tasks to reach the most important step, which is grinding your meat. Now, grinding the meat is not as simple as it sounds but you can perfect this with a little practice. The first and foremost step before you start your grinder is to read the instruction manual thoroughly and follow each step accordingly. It is very important to follow the instructions and assemble your grinder properly according to the manual.
  • Most of the grinders come with a manual to set up so that should not be a problem. All our grinders come with multiple speed settings, but the key to perfectly ground meat is to grind it slow. Keep your speed at the lowest possible while you grind it. This could be time taking but the results you get are worth it. When you grind your meat fast, the components of the meat start separating out due to the overheating of the grinder.
  • Even the top rated meat grinders have an overheating issue and a small step to avoid this is to grind your meat slow. While you are grinding the meat, it is necessary to choose the blades according to the cuts you desire. Different recipes require different texture of meat, you have to keep this in mind and grind the meat accordingly. When the meat is in grinding stage you could also add additional spices or herbs to increase its flavor. A common mistake we all make while grinding our meat is that we grind it only once. The trick to achieve perfectly ground meat is to grind it at least twice and more if your recipe demands a finer texture.
  • Keeping Your Ground Meat Hygienic: This is a step which comes after your meat is ground. It is important that you keep a bowl under the grinder to collect all the ground meat that comes out of your grinder. The meat which comes out of the grinder is a little warmer than you could think, this attracts bacteria. Make sure you put a cold bowl or fill your bowl with ice before you place it under the grinder to collect the ground meat. This way your meat stays hygienic and safe from bacteria.
  • Cleaning Your Grinder: The final step is to take care of your grinder by cleaning it thoroughly. The meat tends to get stuck in the crevices of the grinder make sure to get across every part of the grinder and clean it.
  • Greasing: This is a crucial step in order to maintain your meat grinder. Make sure to grease all the movable parts of the grinder every once in a while to allow a smooth functioning of the grinder.


So the key points are

  • Season your meat according to your taste.
  • Chop up your meat into smaller pieces, preferably pieces of around 5cms.
  • Cool all the detachable components of your grinder along with your meat at least 30 minutes’ prior grinder.
  • Choose the proper speed, blades and texture for your meat
  • Make sure you don’t grind your meat too fast, causing it to separate its fats and oils and end up staining your grinder.
  • Keep the ground meat cool by either collecting the ground meat in a cool bowl or by putting ice into the bowl.
  • Keep your grinder clean. Make sure you clean your grinder thoroughly after every use to avoid germ build up.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small meat grinder or the best meat grinder in the market, unless you take care of it, nothing would benefit you. So get your meat grinder today and unleash the inner chef in you. This article is presented to you by,” Thechefrecipe “, we hope it was easy to read and helpful.

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