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How to Sharpen your Meat Grinder Blade?

How to Sharpen your Meat Grinder Blade – With the growing passion to cook for our loved ones, the effort we put into our kitchens to make them better is also increasing. This is the reason why a lot of us own meat grinders in our kitchens. Be it our kitchen or a restaurant, a household meat grinder or a commercial grinder, even the top rated meat grinders need their blades to be sharpened every once in a while. The process of sharpening the blades is very difficult and takes a lot of effort, which is the reason why a lot of people spend a lot of money to get their blades sharpened by professionals. While getting the blades sharpened by professionals is really good for best meat grinders, it could be expensive for the manual grinders. Sharpening your blades at home could save you a lot of time and money.

What you Need to Sharpen your Meat Grinder Blades

  • A glass sheet for the base of your working area
  • Sand papers (120 grits and 600 grits) for scraping your blades
  • Scrape paper for analyzing the sharpness of your blades
  • Safety gloves, as the name suggests this is for your safety alone
  • Suitable tools to dissemble your blades, basically screw drivers to dissemble the blades

Preparing the Working Area to Sharp your Meat Grinder Blade

Once you are wearing your safety gloves you can start further work. Find a stable location for setting up your working area. This area would be taking a lot of pressure, so make sure it does not move to avoid any mishaps. This is the area where your entire work will be done. You would be vigorously scrapping blades in this area, so it is really important that this area is extremely stable.

Once you have a stable setup, firmly place your glass sheet over the setup. Take a damp cloth and wipe the entire surface of the glass sheet with it, this will allow your sandpaper to stick to the glass sheet. Now, make sure that the cloth is just damp and not wet, you just want to be able to stick the sand paper to the glass sheet without making it moist. Now put your sand paper (120 grits) on the glass sheet and stick it properly. Now, this will be the area where all the hard work will be done. Once you are done with this you can start the process of sharpening the blades.

The Process of Sharpening your Meat Grinder Blades

How to Sharpen your Meat Grinder Blade

Now we have reached the main step of the process. Using the proper suitable tools carefully dissemble your meat grinder blades from the grinder. Use a proper sized screw driver to remove the blades off the grinder. Now, you have to make sure you notice exactly how you dissembled the blades, this will help you when you assemble the blades back into the grinder. You can use the manual for help while dismantling the blades. Most of the grinders come with a manual, but in case yours doesn’t come with a guide you might have to extra careful on how you dissemble and assemble the parts of the grinder. You have to be very gentle at this point to avoid any accidental breakage of the grinder parts.

Now that you have your blades in hand carefully start scrubbing the blades on the sandpaper. Before you start the process you can always cut a scrape paper using the blades and do this each time you scrub it on the sandpaper. This helps in monitoring the results of your work. You might want to rotate the blades on the paper now, in order to properly sharpen them.

Scraping the blades in a circular motion will help you achieve a proper sharpening throughout the blade. Do this at least 10 times, and make sure you take note of the sharpening by making cuts on a scrape paper. This will also help you keep motivated, because let’s accept it, this is a tiring job to do and you would prefer to give up easily.

Now, repeating this process 10 times or more could actually be boring and tiring for you but the more number of times you do this the sharper your Meat Grinder blades get. Once you feel that you have achieved the proper sharpness in your blades, you can place the other sandpaper (600 grits) over the setup and start scraping again on this surface. This step will give your blades a smooth texture. The blades usually end up being rough after initial scraping on the sandpaper this extra step is solely done to provide that smoothness back to the blades.

Now, when you are satisfied with how your blades cut, you can clean them properly with a cloth and they are ready to use.

After Care for your Meat Grinder Blades

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Once you are done sharpening the blades, clean the blades properly with a cloth. Along with the blades you have to clean the entire grinder. Now carefully assemble the blades back into the grinder after cleaning thoroughly. You might want to use a manual again at this point in order to properly assemble all the parts of the grinder. Your freshly sharpened blades are now ready to Grind!

Key Points

These are just few small steps to take care of your grinder. If done properly, this could increase the durability of your grinder to decades. But it is very important that you keep your safety in mind while doing this so do make sure to follow proper steps during the process. We cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to wear your safety gear before you start working. Make sure you properly dissemble and assemble the grinder parts each time without fail. Use a manual that comes along with your grinder for this step.

Make sure you clean your blades before and after your sharp them. In case you own an advanced, expensive electrical meat grinder, please do not try to sharpen the blades at home. This will not only consume a lot of time, but could also lead to damage to your grinder. This is because these grinders are more advanced than the cheap meat grinders and even the process of dissembling and assembling the blades could be very complicated. This article is presented to you by Thechefrecipe, we hope you can now get on grinding with your sharp blades.

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