How to Repair an Electric Can Opener
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How to Repair an Electric Can Opener

How to Repair an Electric Can Opener – Home appliances especially the ones used in our kitchen make are lives so much easier. All day-to-day activities that involve the usage of such appliances would have been too complex for us to perform without these tools. Among many such home or kitchen appliances there is one known as an electric can opener. These are driven by electricity and make the process of opening the lids of cans, fully automatic. The best electric can opener for seniors must have good quality features including a lid magnet. This, lid magnet helps in attracting the can’s lid thus, preventing it from falling inside the can. Also, its blade should be made up of stainless steel so that they are durable and strong enough to perform the function that they are meant for. Apart from these two features, the electric can opener should also be of good height so that you can be able to fit a can of any size under it. 

The Working of an Electric Can Opener

To be able to operate an electric can opener, you will have to lift the lever present in the unit then, place the edge of the can in between the feed gear and the cutter. The magnet present in the unit shall grip the can from the top. When you will press down the lever, it shall activate a switch that would turn on the motor. Since, the tool works on power therefore, motor shall pass power through gears so as to be able to turn the small feed gear and rotate the can. The moment your can begins to rotate, the cutter starts cutting through the edge of the lid. When you shall remove the can, the lid will stay attached to the magnet.

Are you Supposed to Wash Can Openers?

As you already know, all electronic devices need servicing otherwise, they would stop working and become nothing more than a piece of junk in your store-room. Similarly, you might face many problems while using even the best electric can opener so, do not worry just keep cleaning them regularly and keep their maintenance up to date. Also, periodic lubrication of the drive wheel and the cutter needs to be done.  

For cleaning an electric can opener firstly, make sure that you have removed the plug from the wall socket otherwise, you can suffer through an electric shock. Secondly, take a toothbrush with soft bristles (one with hard bristles can cause harm to your unit’s parts) and mild detergent. Now, carefully in a circular motion work with the toothbrush and the detergent. Thirdly, you would need soft paper towel or a neat cloth to wipe-off the unit clean. Fourthly, take a white lubricant or machine oil and lubricate several parts of the electric can opener. Fifthly, if you feel there is any extra lubricant on the inside of the machine or on the outside, just wipe it away ensuring that it does not reach to food or other components inside the cans. 

Repairing an Electric Can Opener

No matter how carefully we use electrical appliances, one day they do stop functioning and that day is when we wish – “Oh! If I knew how to repair it!” It is not very difficult to fix this appliance. The following steps shall help you if you are stuck with a non-functioning electric can opener but it might be of little help you are using one of the best hand can openers. Technically, you shall have to repair three basic parts so let us discuss them one by one.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Switch?

As explained above, to get an electric can opener working, a switch has to be turned on with the help of a contact lever. So, if in case this switch itself is not working then, you shall not be able to get this unit working. Let us learn to repair it:

  • Step 1 You will need to remove your can opener’s cover to look into how it functions or operates.
  • Step 2 Now, press the lever down so that it can make contact with the switch. If the lever is unable to make any contact, there must be some obstruction, remove it. You can also try aligning the lever. 
  • Step 3 If the switch is still not working then, then you would need to unplug it and test it with a continuity tester. 
  • Step 4 If you find any sort of corrosion, you can use emery paper that are clamped in pliers for cleaning. There is also a possibility of contact been broken or the switch being defective. If the switch is defective, you shall have to replace it. 
  • Step 5 Now, just remove all the wires but do not forget to mark them. Also, unfasten the switch and remove it from the main point. You can now replace it with a new switch that you must have got as a replacement part for your electric can opener from the manufacturer. Even if the manufacturer did not provide you with a replacement switch, you can buy it from any hardware store that sells electrical appliances and tools.

Can Gears be Repaired?

The power of your electric can opener’s motor is transferred into a torque that opens up the can with the help of gears. To perform this function, two gears are needed, one on the inside of the unit and the other at the edge of the can. Let us learn how you can check and replace the gears:-

  • Step 1 First, you would need to check the feed gear. If you feel that it is broken or worn out then, you need to replace it. 
  • Step 2 You have to be very careful while dealing with the internal gears so, just open the appliance case and remove the gears. The teeth might be missing or the gears might just need a simple lubrication (you can apply white lubricant). If you feel that there is a need to replace the gears then, make sure that the new ones are exactly the same as old ones in all kinds of measurements including the width, the circumference, and the number of teeth. 
  • Step 3 If in case you are unable to find the replacement gears then, you can fix the broken ones with the help of a glue. When you are done, carefully reassemble the parts and check if everything is working or not.

How do you Repair Something on a Grindstone?

A few models of electric wine openers or simple electric can openers have a built-in grindstone that helps in sharpening the blades whilst it is being used. However, there is a problem with these models having grindstone and that is, they obstruct the operation of your electric can openers. This in turn might lead to the motor being burnt out. So, to avoid this situation what you can do is, regularly clean the grindstone and the area around it. 

If the grindstone of the best rated electric can opener that you have, has been damaged then, you will have to replace it with another grindstone of the same size. A few models available in the market use a screw or a clip to keep the stone on the shaft intact while a few of them might require you to replace the stone as well as the shaft at the same time. Whether you want the grindstone to be there in your unit or you want to disconnect it, totally depends on you. You can decide this keeping in mind the function or the role that the grindstone plays in your electric can opener. 

How do you Fix an Electric Can Opener?

The electric can openers reviews that are available on-line or even in the markets do not require extensive power rather they operate by using a shaded pole motor that has fewer parts as compared to a standard motor. Also, these motors in the electric can openers are not as expensive as standard motors. So, just in case you are in need to test and replace the motor of your electric can opener, you can follow the steps below:-

  • Step 1 You need to unplug the appliance from the wall socket first. Then, open the unit and find the fuse on the motor.
  • Step 2 Take a continuity tester and place its one probe on the one side of the fuse while the second probe needs to be kept on the other side of the fuse. If you do not see the continuity light illuminating then, it means that the fuse is blown and you need to replace it. 
  • Step 3 Now, you need to attach a continuity tester across the two wires on the field coil winding. If you see that the circuit is open then, replace the motor as a unit. Make sure that the new motor is of the same size as the old one. You can get one of exact size from an appliance-parts store. 
  • Step 4 You shall have to check for the bearings if they have worn out because if they have then, they will cause the shaft to wobble. In this case, you can remove the motor and check for excessive damage. 


We are often fond of canned foods because of the convenience they bring in our lives but opening these cans sometimes becomes difficult. So, what you need is just the best Manual can opener and if it gets damaged, now I assume you will be able to repair it on your own. 

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