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How to Clean Cast Iron Grills?

How to Clean Cast Iron Grills? – You have made the right choice if you have purchased a cast iron grill. These are comparatively more durable than other grills available in the market. The design of a cast iron grill is such that its grate heats evenly, and the heat can be retained for an extended period of time, making it the perfect equipment for grilling your favorite dish. Thus, this is one of the best BBQ grills that a person can own. But, the biggest challenge faced by owners of a cast iron grill grate is its maintenance. They need to prevent the grate from rusting.

How to Clean Cast Iron Grills

Therefore, one must give extra care towards a cast iron grill’s cleanliness, unlike Weber grills that have an enamel coating. So to ensure that the cast iron grill works for a long time and remains rust-free, one should follow the below steps:

  • Always clean the grill grates immediately after using them: Cleansing them when they are still warm or using hot water to clean them helps in the loosening of all the grease. Using hot water on a hot grill grate will not cause any damage. But, if one uses hot water to clean an entire cold grill grate, there are chances of it getting some. After that, use a scraping brush to remove all the stubborn grease and food particles off the grates.
  • A solution of apple cider vinegar and water is powerful: Mix both the ingredients in the ratio of four parts of water to one portion of apple cider vinegar. Spray this solution all over the junked-up grate and scrub with an abrasive surface. This solution also acts as a sanitizing agent.
  • For deep cleaning of the grill grates: you can use mild soap and warm water. Use a sponge to clean it thoroughly. This double cleaning of the grill grates helps in removing all those hidden grease and food particles that were not visible in the first phase of cleaning.
  • After making the grill grates spotless: it is necessary to dry them properly. Once completely dried, coat it with oil and heat the grill for a moment so that the grate has a complete oil coating. A layer of oil acts as a safety cover and prevents it from rusting. If the cast iron grill is not in use, then it is always advised to store them in dry places

What should people do if their cast iron grills have started to rust? Don’t worry! We have some hacks for you. Those whose cast iron grills are in the early stages of rusting can use these hacks to prevent them from deteriorating more and can make them usable again. All you would need is some cleaning solution and some abrasive tools. Also, you will need to show your muscle strength for this task.

We all know that the acidic nature of vinegar: Makes it a powerful ingredient that is used by many in cleaning processes. White vinegar is known to be effective in rust removal. Just make a thick paste of it with water and apply a coating of it over the grill grates. You could also make a solution of it in a tub and let the grate immerse in it for 30 minutes or so. After that, scrub off that rusty peel with coarse material. Note that the time of soaking the grill grate in the solution can be different depending on the extremity of the rusting.

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The procedure of cleaning all the best grills is almost the same, but the ingredients used in cleaning them are different. So one can choose a method on the basis of whether the ingredients are readily available at their home or not. With the help of cleaning brushes, the task of scraping that junk away becomes easier. 

There are several scrubbing brushes that are available, and we will introduce you to the best grilling brushes.

Grillart Grill Brush: This broad scraper brush manages to get rid of those stubborn greases on your grill grates. It is one of the best-rated BBQ grill brush that aims to provide aid to everyone.

Alpha Grillers Grill Brush : A three, head brush with stiff bristles. It is very efficient in removing grime from the grill grates and leaves no scratches on the grates while scrubbing.

Grillart Grill Brush and Scraper: We have another brush by Grillart that is excellent at cleaning every type of grill grates. It has a unique design with its scraper on the flip. It cleans the grill grates acutely and efficiently. The Grillart brand also offers a replacement for the brush in case of damage.

Those who do not have scrubbing brushes or are tight on a budget need not worry about cleaning their grill grates. Your regular aluminum foil will be your abrasive tool. Just grab a big sheet of aluminum foil and crumple it into a tight ball. Then use this ball to clean up your cast iron grill grates. It is a quick hack for everyone out there with their dirty grills and wants to clean them. It acts as a brush. While using aluminum foil to clean the junk off the grill grates, one should wear heat-proof gloves to avoid getting hurt because of the warm grates.

Cast iron grills are loved by customers worldwide for the number of advantages it offers. They are the best reasonably priced gas grills available in the market. Loved for their durability, they are perfect for grilling meat and vegetables as well. These cast iron grills become better with age and its usage. Before using a new cast iron grill, one should always read the manufacturer’s instructions that come along with it.  Heat your new iron grill grates so as to get rid of all the smell of the paint or the material that coats it. Then, just like how we season our meats to add extra flavor to it, one must season their cast iron grill grates so that they work appropriately and are free from rust.

Therefore, seasoning a new cast iron grill grate is very important. One should always season the grates with oil before using it for the first time. Use a paper towel to spread the oil evenly on the grate. Keep oiling the grate until a thick covering has formed after heating it. It will not only prevent food from sticking to the grill grate but will also prevent any corrosion. So one is recommended to season their grill grates more regularly before and after its use. A good seasoning of a cast iron grill grate is the main factor that helps in ensuring its good maintenance.

So everyone, start indulging in the habit of cleaning your cast iron grill grates more often. The oil build-up and the leftover food particles will turn stale if not cleaned immediately, and also, it may add a horrible taste to your current dish. So, if you have invited others to taste your grilled meat, be sure that the grill grate is clean and sanitized to avoid being in an embarrassing situation. These are some primary tips that one should be aware of when they own a cast iron grill grate. So, to be called a pro at grilling, remember all the things and facts and become fully expert in it.

Everyone wishes that all the money they have to spend should be worth it. So, after spending money on a cast iron grill grate, take appropriate care of its maintenance as you would not want to spend money again and again on a new one. By taking all the precautions and following the cleaning tips, the working life of the cast iron grill grate can be more than the expected period. With that said and done, you will be able to enjoy more grilled meat!

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