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How Do You Smoke Cheese In A Smoker

How Do You Smoke Cheese In A Smoker – Smoked cheese is considered a high-end delicacy and can cost quite bit more than regular cheese. You can do it by yourself. Go to grocery store, buy some cheese and come back to your home. Now add some smoky flavor in it, improve its quality and serve. But what should you do to add smoky flavor into cheese? Cheese usually melts at normal temperature?

So, how can you smoke it? Well, now I’m going to tell you about the cold smoking that can bring a magical taste in your cheese. It’s pretty interesting. Isn’t it? Since generating smoke, you need a lot of heat, here, with some simple and easy instruction, you can infuse cheese with smoky flavor maintain a relatively low heat

The key to get the smoking cheese is to keep the temperature below 90 degrees F. It won’t melt in this temperature. However, to protect your cheese from an unanticipated burst of heat, you need a general set-up which includes setting a cooking grate or a cake cooling rack on top of an aluminum tin that is full of ice. The cheese has to sit on the grate or cooling rack and the smoke will roll around. The tin of ice will provide a buffer for any high heat that might travel over to your tender cheese. 

The Gas Grill method for Smoking Cheese

How Do You Smoke Cheese In A Smoker

Charcoal smokers is the best for the cheese smoking. You can use the same cold smoking setup for the gas grill. But the main thing is the heat. Gas grill has a higher heat source than the charcoal grill. Propane heat of the gas grill, even on the lowest setting, it will give you over 90 degrees F temperature. That’s why the gas grill is basically used as a smoke containment. But don’t think that you cannot smoke cheese using the gas grill. 

This method utilizes a low-heat 750 watt electric hot plate. Set the hot plate directly on the gas grill cooking grates. On top of the hot plate, set an aluminum pie pan full of wood chips. Cover the tin with aluminum foil with about five to ten holes poked on top. The foil cover will prevent any flare-ups from the smoldering wood. Set the hot plate on the left side of the grill and set on the right side of the grill the aluminum tin full of ice and the cake cooling rack where you place the cheese. 

As the every hot plate is different, you have to go for some experimentation. Start off with a low heat, which is enough to generate smoke. When the temperature of the hot plate exceeds 90 degrees, turn it down. This temperature will generate the smoke from the wood chips. You can smoke the cheese for one to three hours. If you feel that you run low on smoke, you can add some wood chips during the cook. 

Once smoking is over, you have to go through some more processes to make it ready to it. Wrap the cheese with cling wrap or vacuum seal it. Place the cheese in the refrigerator for three days. This process will help the smoke to penetrate into the cheese a bit. 

Some Additional Tips for Making Smoking Cheese

  • Choose the right wood. You can use something stronger too like hickory or Mesquite.
  • Let you cheese blocks to sit out in the open air for at least one hour before smoking. 
  • Cutting cheese into small blocks help to stick the butter properly.
  • Use a good thermometer to track the internal temperature of the grill. You must keep the temperature below the 90 degree F. 
  • Add a pan of ice water inside the smoker to keep the cheese moist.
  • If you have cheese block that is vacuum sealed, you can leave it in fridge and let it for longer. 
  • If you want quality stream, the expected cooking time is three to four hours. 
  • Some people like to over smoke the cheese and keep it for longer in the refrigerator before eating. In that case you must use vacuum seal. If you don’t have any, wrap it tightly with a plastic wrap and place it in a zip lock bag. 
  • If you are not sure about the taste of the cheese that you want to keep, go for a trial run. Cut the cheese in a small size and take a bite in every thirty minutes. You can continue this until you reach the desired taste. 
  • Smoked cheese is the best gift ever for anytime of the year.

So now, its time to enjoy your smoky cheese with your family and friends, We at Thechefrecipe shares the best news, product reviews and recipes that everyone is looking for.

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