Everything You Need to Know About Air Fryers
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Everything You Need to Know About Air Fryers

Everything You Need to Know About Air Fryers – Your kitchen is one of the most important sections of your home. Have you ever imagined, your home with no kitchen in it? Weird right? How would you cook, and feed yourself if there is no kitchen? The question is relevant and logical. So, we conclude that a kitchen is important. But what about the various kitchen appliances?

Are they important too? Is it mandatory to have them in your kitchen area? Would you not be able to work and cook without them? The answer is, the various kitchen appliances and equipment you see in the market are there to make your life simple and sorted. Also, they offer you a wide range of cooking varieties which without them could be a problem. So, it is not mandatory to have them but if you do, they will be of great help and you will be able to cook a variety of dishes and serve your family as well as yourself with the delicacies at your place itself. Among several kitchen equipment and appliances available in the market, one is Air Fryer. So, next time when you will be looking for the best air fryer this article will probably solve all your issues related to an Air Fryer.

What Exactly is an Air Fryer

Ever used an Oven? An air fryer is similar to an oven as it can be used for baking and roasting. An air fryer is a handy appliance that can give you results similar to that of deep frying but with less amount of oil and only hot air. How amazing does it sound right?

Anything as delicious as a deep-fried meal would be, and also, healthy because of the less amount of oil used. Seems as if the technology is overpowering everything. In today’s world technology can do wonder, and in fact, it has been doing wonders since a long time ago. But there is a difference between an oven and an air fryer.

The difference is, a fryer’s heating elements are located on the top, and it has a fan which is powerful, this fan helps in the food being super crispy and crunchy within minutes. They heat up quickly, cook evenly, and efficiently. How does that happen? There is a combination of a concentrated heat source and the size and positioning of the fan which helps in even and quick cooking. The other feature of an best large air fryers which helps in faster cooking is its compact space that retains heat and warmth from hot air for a longer duration.

How would you Differentiate Between an Air Fryer and a Deep Fryer?

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  •  Temperature and Oil: An air fryer uses high temperatures and less oil whereas a deep fryer uses a lot of oil and this amount of oil needs to be pre-heated at a specific temperature.
  •  Time Taken: Both an air fryer and a deep fryer take usually an equal amount of time to cook food but an air fryer needs not be pre-heated while a deep fryer needs pre-heating for about 10 minutes (depending upon the food you are about to cook).
  •  Taste: The food cooked in a deep fryer and an air fryer taste different.
  •  Batter: An air fryer does not cook well batters which are either flour-based or wet, while in a deep fryer, flour-based and wet batters cook perfectly well.

How Healthy is the Food Prepared in an Air Fryer?

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It is something which comes from common sense that an appliance that uses less oil would be much healthier as compared to the one which requires the food and ingredients to soak completely in oil (deep frying). So, an air fryer is a good option in case you want to manage your weight and do not want to refrain from the mouth-watering delicacies as well.

This super trendy appliance prevents chronic diseases of the heart and liver which arise due to your intake of the excessive amounts of oil. If you ask, how healthy is the food cooked in an air-fryer from the one cooked or baked in an Oven? The answer would not change. If an air fryer is giving almost the same taste as an oven would give, that too, with no or less amount of oil, then it is as healthy as an oven is. 

An important thing here to note is, an air fryer is a greener option than an oven its impact on the environment is under consideration. This is because an oven generates a lot of heat while operating whereas an air fryer generates less heat. So, imagine how convenient this appliance called an best air fryer toaster ovens is, you get the same results and taste, and you need not stand in your kitchen in those summer days, enduring all the heat from your oven.

What all can an Air Fryer Serve?

You may use this handy appliance which is faster as compared to its other companions for a variety of dishes but you need to understand its working first, and once you do understand then you will realize how amazing this appliance is. An air fryer can be used to heat frozen foods. Remember those frozen peas from your freezer? It can be used to cook fresh foods as well, such as chicken, steak, pork chops, salmon, and veggies. Usually, meats are already so juicy that they require no extra oil so, you can just use your air fryer to cook them, season them with salt, spread your favorite herbs and whatever spices you like, and enjoy. At this stage, one thing you need to understand i.e. it is better to go for dry seasoning, less moisture will make your meal crispier.

Foods with Little or Less Oil

They require oil so that they can be crispy and browner. For example, it would be better to brush boneless chicken and pork chops with oil first before putting them in an air fryer to cook. It is advisable to use vegetable oil or canola oil as they have a higher smoke points, meaning, they suit best for the kind of high heat which an air fryer ha


They also need to be brushed with oil before you put them into your air fryer. It is advisable, to sprinkle some salt on it before air frying. For once, just air fry broccoli florets, Brussels sprouts, and baby potato halves, you would never want to have them in any other way. You may also try Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, beets, green beans, and peppers. In an air fryer, these all would taste like never before. Also, you will be amazed by its speed. Air fryers are very quick in cooking.

Other types of food which you can try cooking in an air fryer are as follows:-

  1.     Grilled Cheese
  2.     S’mores
  3.     Burgers
  4.     Nachos
  5.     Lobster Tails
  6.     Pork Chops
  7.     Salmon
  8.     Veggie Tots
  9.     Cauliflower Gnocchi

Looking for the best air fryer under $100 Here is something you should know about its price range. The price of an air fryer ranges between $40 and $400. $40 is for small and compact ones while $400 is for large, air fryer toaster ovens. So when you are looking for the best air fryer to buy, first you should know how many members are there in your family and then decide. If there are 1-2 people for which you want to cook, then 1.2 liters (smallest air fryers) would be the best. If 2-3 people are there in your family then, medium-sized air fryers would suit whereas if 4-6 people are there in your family then a 6 liters (largest) air fryer would serve your purpose. Also, air fryers with baskets rather than shelves are better for even cooking. So, if you have money to invest in such an appliance if it fits your requirements, and you have space in your kitchen to keep it, then you can purchase an air fryer.

Few Air Fryers you may Go for

  • Philips Avance Turbostar Air Fryer- It has intuitive controls, the fan speed is perfect, it cooks evenly, and has a sharp design.
  • Black + Decker Purify 2L Capacity Air Fryer- It is not very expensive, dial settings are simple, it remains hot for a longer duration as compared to other brands so, you would have to be careful otherwise, you will end up overcooking your meal.
  • Krups 2.5 L Air Fryer- It is good because it is extremely easy to use. The food gets cooked quickly than desired.

Cleaning Your Air Fryer

It would be good if you clean it after every use with the help of mild dish soap and hot water. Most air fryers have parts that are dishwasher safe so cleaning them will not be a heavy task. Also, cleaning them is easy because you are not dealing with stubborn stains and grease.

Things you should avoid, in fact not do when cleaning an air fryer-

  •  Never use metal utensils, or scrubbers while cleaning them because mostly the air fryers are non-stick and if you scrub them, you can have scratches and the coating of your air fryer might ruin. You should never immerse your air fryer in water. You can do it with some of its parts but the main unit is an electric appliance, and doing this can seriously damage your air fryer. Now, let’s quickly review the pros and cons of an air fryer so that the next time you look for the best air fryer to buy, you consider these points.


  1.     They cook healthy meals and taste is still delicious,
  2.     They are energy efficient.
  3.     They are greener.
  4.     They are extremely versatile. You already saw above, they can be used for various purposes.
  5.     They are compact and do not occupy much space.
  6.     They are user-friendly, once you understand it’s functioning.


  1.     Its quality depends on how much you are ready to pay.
  2.     Though compact, they would occupy some space in your kitchen.
  3.     Usually, they are not a good option if you have a large family.
  4.     You need to understand its working properly then only you can make the best use of it.
  5.     Food needs to be cooked in parts, you can not cook them all at once. Especially, if the food is a large piece.
  6.     You can not store it after use till it cools down completely.
  7.     The body needs some healthy fats, an air fryer would deprive you of those healthy fats.

  All you need for your home the best options will be thechefrecipe.

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