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Differentiate Between an Electric Skillet and an Electric Griddle

Differentiate Between an Electric Skillet and an Electric Griddle – You have invited your friends over dinner and you spent the whole evening going to the supermarket, collecting all the essentials needed, coming back home, preparing your oven to cook, and after that, you see a whole lot of dishes in your sink or dishwasher to wash. Could you have minimized the pain and work?  Yes, at least the whole lot of dishes which you have to wash could have been a little less but you may think how?

The answer is, with the help of the best electric skillet or the best electric griddle. Does that ring a bell? No? Are you still wondering, what an electric skillet or an electric griddle is and how they would have saved the efforts and time? Did you hear these words for the first time? If yes, then this space is for you. Let’s learn something new about these two appliances and whether there is any difference between the two or not?

Differentiate Between an Electric Skillet and an Electric Griddle

Differentiate Between an Electric Skillet and an Electric Griddle – In case you were aware of the two appliances’ existence but when you searched for the best electric skillets to purchase, online or from an off-line store, they also started showing electric griddles,  and you were totally confused which one serves which purpose and would suit you the best as per your needs, then also, this article would be of great help. 

Let’s First Understand the Similarities Between the Two.

Similarities and Pros

  • An electric griddle and an electric skillet are both home appliances.
  • Both are useful when preparing breakfast or dinner.
  • They make the whole cooking process simpler as compared to Ovens.
  • They save time so you can make use of them and enjoy the rest of the time with your family, friends, or you could use that time for your official work. Your time, your choice to decide how and where to spend it.
  •  If cooking seems boring to you, just make use of these amazing appliances and you would begin to enjoy cooking since the time you begin to use them. 
  •  You end up with so many dishes after using oven or frying pans. What are these two amazing appliances for? Use them and save your kitchen from the mess.
  • Most of them are non-stick and this makes using them for cooking, convenient. Also, because they are non-stick so they are efficient too when it comes to the cleaning process because it would require less soap and detergent. So, the time and energy you waste in scrubbing your dishes are all saved.  
  • Both these appliances are flat and their surfaces are hot so they can easily be used for preparing similar meals.
  • They are safe since they run on electricity and thus there is no chance of gas leakage and catching of fire subsequently.
  • They require little maintenance.
  • They are perfect if you have a crowd to cook for.

Similarities and Cons

  • They require a lot of energy.
  • They can only be used where you have electricity access. So, you might find it difficult to use these when you are outdoors say for example, on a picnic.

To understand the differences we must first understand what are an electric griddle and an electric skillet independently.

Electric Skillet

best electric skillets

Do you want to keep your food warm in the buffet? Do you want to increase your cooking capacity? Do you want something that generates less heat in the summer season and with which you do not have to continuously sweat, standing in the kitchen? If your answer to the above questions is yes and you have an best skillet in your kitchen. Then, frying and cooking food at an even temperature is easy but if your answer to the above questions is yes, but you do not have the appliance, then you need to think over it.

It is similar to best electric griddles but has a little wall surface. It has a cover that comes in hand. You can also, keep a skillet on any table, it would give warmth to the appliance thus it will heat up quickly. Its walls help to keep the food being cooked in place, and if you are cooking something which is initially in liquid form, then also, the walls protect the liquid from pouring out. Another advantage of these walls is that it makes it easy for the chef to stir and mix the food and ingredients thus, preventing it from coming out. The lid which skillet has provides you better control. 

If you have a big fat part at your place and you want to save yourself from using the stove, or you need extra equipment to cook food so that it saves time, then an electric skillet is the right option for you. You can use this appliance to cook rice, stir-fry food items, etc. So it’s like many problems, one solution, i.e. an electric skillet. How much would you like to spend on this appliance, and would you even buy this appliance? This question might come to your mind. 

The answer is simple, it depends upon you and it is totally your decision. You would have to decide first how frequently would you be in need of this appliance. If you are not going to be a regular user and still want to have one for use on occasions, then you may go for the cheapest one but make sure that it has all the features you would require. Also, going for a cheaper option does not mean you have to compromise with quality. Make sure that the quality is good enough for your skillet to last long. Looking for a cheap electric skillet you might have to settle for the one with less advanced features but that does not matter, after all you will be using it occasionally,  and the food you cook in it will be just as delicious as it should be. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for some add-on features like stain-less steel, dishwasher friendly, etc then you may go for the expensive one. Coming on to how easy or difficult it is to clean an electric skillet. It is recommended that you decide which type of skillet you want, a dishwasher safe or you want to wash by hand? Depending upon your requirement now you can make out whether it is easy to clean it or not. As a matter of fact, dishwasher-friendly, one would definitely be easier to clean. Also, if the surface of the skillet is non-stick, then it will be easy to clean. The design of your appliance is also an important parameter in deciding whether it is easy to clean or not. If your skillet comes with the feature of a removable tray, it will make the cleaning process simple. 

Electric Griddle

best electric skillets

An electric griddle and flat-tops might look similar to you but a point of difference between the two is, that you directly place your food on the griddle while in the case of a flat-top you may either keep food directly on it or any cookware on it and then cook. A griddle has a flat surface, with no walls as such, and even if there are walls, they are short as compared to the ones in a skillet. It gets its warmth from an electric heating device or firewood.

It heats evenly maintains a uniform temperature and this is the reason why it is preferred over stove-top pans. It gives stability and does not fluctuate. As it does not have walls, so flipping of food becomes easier. It gives you more room to move your hands and the food being cooked. Also, the open area does not trap moisture. So, it becomes easy for food like hash browns to become nicely crispy. You can make use of an electric griddle for making pancakes, French toast, grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, etc. An electric griddle has more surface area as compared to an ordinary pan. 

Note- Do not forget to use an oven mitt when using griddle because its handle and edges will heat up when cooking, and you might burn yourself.

Also, to prevent yourself and food from burning, it is advisable to the larger spatula. It will make flipping large sandwiches and other large foodstuffs easy. Also, you should be a little cautious of the grease, that it does not overflow. This can happen because an electric griddles does not have walls or if they have then they are short. Make sure to clean the griddle every time you make use of it to increase its life. Scraping off all the left out foodstuff from your griddle is a good habit. Also, if you do this you will save yourself from first cleaning it, the next time you use your griddle. It will also not require a lot of detergents while cleaning because the stuff would not stick to your appliance. 

Differences Between the Two Appliances

best electric skillets
  • The Shape- An electric griddle is in a rectangular shape usually with no or shorter walls while an electric skillet is square or round in shape, with a lid or cover and higher walls.
  • The Size- An electric griddle is larger than a skillet. For example, if you have to make pancakes, you can make up to 8 pancakes at a time in an electric griddle while in an electric skillet, you can make only up to 4.
  • The Price- The price of a griddle ranges between $10 to $99 on different sites while that of an electric skillet, ranges between $30 to $99.
  • Space Occupied- An electric griddle occupies more space as compared to a skillet, and therefore, it is not advisable for people with smaller kitchens to purchase an electric griddle. However, even though a griddle occupies more space it is a good option because it offers more room for cooking.
  • Variety of food- As far as the number of food items these appliances can offer is concerned, an electric skillet is a better option because you can cook more dishes in it than in a griddle. Because of the lid or cover, a skillet can also be used for boiling but a griddle can not be used for the same.
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