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What is the Proper Way to Dispose of a Kitchen Knife Set

What is the Proper Way to Dispose of a Kitchen Knife Set – In your kitchen the tools you most frequently use is your knives set. There are too many kind of design and use of the knives. You definitely need the sharpen knives for safe and comfortable cutting. But, as the knives blades are usually sharp, these are dangerous to handle or to dispose of.  You can have the best set of kitchen knives. But nothing lasts for the eternity. After a certain time it will be old and may be damaged. Then you might need to dispose of your old damaged set. But this process of disposal may be risky. So, you have to consider some methods to maintain the safety.

If you don’t dispose your knives in a proper way, these can be harmful and can destroy packages, containers and even some waste disposal machine. So, make sure that you’re considering a proper way of disposal. In addition to the disposal process, you need to know some other alternative ways so that you can have the other options to get rid of your old one than just throwing them away.

5 Ways of the Disposal of Your kitchen knives

  • Resell: You can easily resell your knives for a small price to some shops that can buy the used knives. They can use your knives as spare parts for knife repairing. Or, you can sell it as scrap metal too. Some knives are usually made of good quality metals. Do it can provide you extra cash
  • Recycle: If you cannot re-sharpen your knives you can give them to your local recycler. If they accept your knives it will be good for both of you. They can melt them and use to make other items.
  • Donate: What you cannot use, somebody cannot get them to use. So, if you think that your knives care eligible for reuse, you can donate them to your local charities.
  • Hand Over to the Local Police: If you can hand over your old damaged knives to the administration, it will be the legal safest way of disposal. This will ensure that your knives are in right hand and these are not injurious anymore.
  • Throw Away to Bin: This is the last option you have to get rid of your knives that are actually trash to you. If you cannot apply any of these above mentioned options, you can dispose them as a garbage.

If you want to dispose your knives as a garbage, you have to consider a proper way of disposal otherwise it can be risky for the garbage handlers.

What is the Proper Way to Dispose of a Kitchen Knife Set

5 Ways of Proper Disposal

  • Newspaper Wrap: The cheapest way to throw your knives away is to wrap your knives with 6/7 newspaper sheets carefully. Wrap only the entire knife blade. Don’t wrap the handle of the knife. You have wrap it securely. So you can tape the newspaper too so that they cannot be exposed.
  • Bubble Wrap: If you don’t want to wrap your blade with newspaper, you can bubble instead of it. Both of them will be convenient option for you.
  • Knife Bag Wrap: If you have any old knife bag, wrap you old knives with it. If you can afford a new bag, you can go for it too. It is a very safe way to dispose of your knives.
  • Cardboard Wrap: Cardboard wrap is the safest way to cover your knife blade. Just a take a bigger cardboard than your knife, fold it into two. Now place the knife inside this and tape it. Your knife is fully secure to be thrown out.
  • Cloth Wrap: You can use clothes to cover the knife. But you have to ensure that your knife is securely wrapped and taped, and the handle is exposed so that people can understand that this is a knife.
  • Use of Plastic Container: You can use any plastic containers for the disposal. Get an used drink bottle, cut a small opening of the top, put you knives here keeping the blades facing the bottom of the container. If you can consider the proper way to dispose your best kitchen knife set, it will definitely promise to serve you for the hundred years.

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