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All You Need to Know About the Working of an Air Fryer

All You Need to Know About the Working of an Air Fryer – Have you heard about air fryers Do you know what they are meant for? If not then, this article is for you. You may hear people saying how air fryers have made their lives easy and how they are now able to try a wide range of dishes with the comfort of their home. Hearing about anything which we do not know usually makes us curious about it. Similarly, you might become curious about knowing all about air fryers. 

Your curiosity will most probably lead you to some search engine where you would type- “Air Fryers” and then hurray! You will come to know how amazing this appliance is. Now, you might want to have one for yourself so, you might start looking for the cheapest place to buy an air fryer, having found the one you will most probably go and purchase an air fryer for yourself. But wait did you research well about everything before purchasing it? 

Whenever you buy anything new for your place, you should first collect every information related to that product before buying it. Otherwise, you may end up bringing a wrong size that does not even fit in your place or you might bring something the usage of which you are not aware of. If this happens, all your excitement about the new product would go in vain and the product might become a headache for you instead of reducing your workload. Also, most importantly you would feel the pinch of spending a huge amount of money on that product.

So, to avoid any of the things mentioned above, it is better to know how that particular product works. Since this article is especially for explaining the working of an air fryer, it will help you if you are planning to buy one in near future. Even if you are not planning to have one immediately, this article will help you in deciding whether an air fryer is suited for you or not, and if you buy it sometime in the future, whether it will be able to fulfill your requirements or not. 

What Technology Does Air Fryer Use?

All You Need to Know About The Working of an Air Fryer

Air fryers are electrically driven appliances. They are famous for frying your food without or very less amount of oil. Sounds like a miracle right? Frying that too with no or less amount of oil? It was impossible earlier but with air fryers in the market, this impossible has become possible.

If you are wondering how does an air fryer fries food with no or less oil, then the answer is, it has an in-built technology to fry foods without oil. An air fryer has a big fan which blows hot dry air constantly that helps in making the meal browner and crisper. The hot air is circulated to the food on all sides and thus, you get optimum results of cooking. 

So, this tells you that air frying is not frying, because for frying food, the food needs to be submerged in oil. Imagine all those calories! An air fryer’s technology is healthy and gives you a crunchy taste with no fats at all. Sounds amazing no? Air fryers are very quick in turning hot and remain that way for long. The reason for them being hot for a longer period of time is, they are compact. This retains the hot air blown, it keeps circulating in the compact unit itself. Thus, you get crisper and browner meals.

Air Fryers are Very Versatile

Air fryers are very versatile and they can be used for cooking almost everything. What is it that an air fryer can not cook? Cooking salmons, burgers, French fries, fishes, chicken, eggs (in all forms), baking anything, etc you can use an air fryer for cooking all types of food mentioned above, and apart from those mentioned, there are many other varieties of meals that can cook in best air fryer can serve. 

The feature of being versatile is important because it has enabled best Large air fryers to almost replace convection ovens and other kitchen equipment. But being versatile does not mean you can cook everything that comes to your mind, in an air fryer. Foods dipped in the liquid batter are not supported by an air fryer such as onion rings. Now, there is a reason for that also.

If you cook food with liquid batter in an air fryer what will happen is, its liquid will drip through the holes of the air fryer basket and then the bottom of your air fryer’s basket inside will be a complete mess. You would not want that right? 

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Air Fryer


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  • Cleaning – An air fryer is easy to clean as it has dishwasher safe inner parts. But remember your air fryer is dishwasher safe or not depends on the fact that which model you have. If you are ready to spend a good amount of money, you will get an air fryer with advanced features most probably including, being dishwasher safe. So, next time you get tempted by seeing a banner saying- “the best buy air fryer for sale”, make sure you do not compromise with the quality. 
  • Safety – Air fryers are safer to use as compared to other cooking devices. Unlike deep fryers, an air fryer ensures that the person in close vicinity is safe and does not get burned. Also, their structure is such that helps any extra oil from splattering and burning. Even then, one should be careful while using an air fryer. It would be better to use microwave mittens and a pair of tongs when flipping through foods in the air fryer basket. Air fryers come with a feature wherein, the set timer when is done, the unit shuts-off on its own. This ensures safety as well as protects food from getting burned. These features are not offered by convection ovens or grills and therefore, as far as safety is concerned air fryers are the best option.
  • Healthy – Meals cooked in an air fryer are healthy and the only reason for it is that they use very less quantity of oil and in fact no oil at times. Their complete opposites are deep fryers that use a large quantity of oil for the food that needs to be soaked in oil. Using less oil has many merits:-
  • It is economical. Imagine the amount of money you will have to spend on buying oil if you cook food in deep fryers. 
  • Using less oil makes the cleaning task easy because you will have to put in extra efforts to remove that grease.
  • It ensures you intake lesser calories and thus, prevents you from heart and liver diseases.

However, less oil does not mean any oil at all because there are few dishes that require around 1-2 tablespoon of oil in order to be able to cook food properly and give optimum results. 

  • Space Occupied – Air fryers are handy and do not occupy much space. But yes, it depends on the model you have. In the case of an XL model or XXL model, you will have to check for the available countertop space in your kitchen. Usually, air fryers are compact appliances and do not require much space that is why, they are suggested for compact kitchens but in the case of the two sizes mentioned above, enough countertop space will be required.


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  • Different Taste – The taste of the food cooked in an air fryer is different from that cooked in a deep fryer. As you already know that healthy foods taste different from non-healthy ones, the same is the case with an air fryer. The obvious reason is the less amount of oil used by air fryers because of which they are less fatty and to be more precise less tasty.
  • Expensive – Yes, air fryers are expensive but this again depends on the model you have or you are planning to have. If you want your air fryer to have all those expensive features, for instance; being dishwasher safe then, you will have to spend a handsome amount of money.
  • Limited Capacity – An air fryer’s capacity is limited. If you keep a large chunk of food for example; chicken in it to cook without cutting into small pieces, it will come out to be unevenly cooked and the taste also will not be the one expected. So, to cook in an air fryer you need to cook in various rounds and shifts. So, next time you hear someone saying that an air fryer offers limited cooking capacity do trust them because it is true that there is a limitation in terms of portion sizes. They need space inside. If you overcrowd them, the hot air would not be able to circulate properly through all the food and it would give you uneven cooking results. 

Do All Air Fryers Give Similar Results?

Out of various brands of best air fryers toaster ovens available in the market, there are a few who do the evenly cooking job better than others. Almost all of them do the task of getting food browner and crisper well but there are only a few who do this task evenly i.e. outside, inside, the edges, etc. In some of the best machines, it will come to your notice that the food in the center of the basket will come out fried as well. So, the bottom line is the more expensive appliance you go for, the better results you get. 

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